Stationary Management System

This project is aimed at developing a tool for tracking the Stationery request for any Institution. Normally in any institution the request for the stationery is tracked via an e-mail or via excel sheets or registers and this leads to tremendous wastage of resources.

For example: - there may be scenarios where the quantity kept in the godown or store of the item may be more than needed and the supply of few items may be less than needed. This system will thus help in reducing the wastage at the same time look into generating reports to give a high level view to the higher management for the benefit of the organization.


  • Role Based Access To Sms
  • Stationary Items Management
  • Status Of Stationary Request By User
  • Setting User Limit For Stationary Items (Allocated Amount Of Purchase Based On User)
  • Approval / Rejection Of User Request Of Station By Supervisor


  • Stationary Product Report
  • Stocks Report Of Stationary Products
  • User Request Report
  • Approvals Report By Supervisor
  • User Stationary Request (Week-wise, Month-wise)
  • Costing Report Stationary Product-wise

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