Library Management System

LMS is Library Management System a Library automation software designed for Schools, Colleges, and Universities & Private Library Institutes. It is a user friendly software designed & developed after comprehensive study from core expertise in library domain area. Its highly configurable software that manages the customization required for each library. Example the system can be configured for members based on various parameters like type of member, the max books that can be taken, fee if required beyond due date etc.

LMS manages all type of titles include periodic magazines and regular lending books. The system is provided with advanced search that also display the availability of title in the library. The issue / return the core of LMS system manages the core functionality of system. It displays the instance status of book that is issued and due date along with late fee if any. The module also displays the book/title that is issued to other members helping the librarian with more accurate details/information.

LMS is bundled with various MIS reports that help the librarian/management to take stock of titles, members due payments, title details & availability. The system also manages the bulk emailing during renewal events, discounts or arrivals of new titles to all its members.


  • Members Reports ( ALL, Active, InActive)
  • Member Category-wise
  • Titles ( All , Availiable , Not Available, Search Based)
  • Title Category-wise
  • Issue Register (Books & Journals)
  • Due list Register
  • Fine Register
  • Barcode Generation Report
  • Title Stock Register Report


  • Membership Management Module
  • Members Renewal Alerts
  • Authors
  • Keywords
  • Publishers
  • Title & Journal Vendor Management
  • Titles Management Module
  • Issues / Return Register
  • Fine Management Module
  • Titlles & Members Advance Search
  • Barcode Generation for Members, Books & Journals
  • Integrated with Barcode System
  • Journal Management (Periodic)
  • Statistical Data for Management
  • User Managment
  • Role & Rights based Access
  • Mass Emailing for New Arrivals
  • Emailing for Members Renewal
  • MIS Reports

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