Inventory Management Systems

IMS software solution is an integrated solution for complete inventory control for large and medium scale organization.

Our inventory systems are designed for any business that desires a complete control over stock levels and inventory tracking. This software can be used either as a simple inventory control system or a complete manufacturing solution. IMS manages the suppliers, customers, products, stock, product ledger, sales, purchase, account, payables, receivables and miscellaneous IMS activities


  • Sales Register : Display The Sales Entries With Inventory Details
  • Purchase Register : Display The Purchase Between Two Dates
  • Item Wise Total Sale : Displays Detail About Sale For An Item
  • Item Wise Total Purchase : Displays Details About Purchase An Item
  • Party Wise Total Sale : Displays Details About The Total Sale For A Particular Party
  • Party Wise Total Purchase : Displays Details About The Total Purchase For A Particular Party
  • Group Wise Sale Report : Displays Details Of Total Sale Group-wise
  • Unsold Goods Report : Displays List Of All Unsold Items
  • Item Wise Profit : Displays Item Wise Profit For A Particular Item
  • Party Wise Profit : Displays Party Wise Profit For A Particular Party
  • Quantity Check Report : Display Status About Item On The Basis Of User Define Quantity


  • Multiple Companies
  • Tracking Vendor And Customer Payments
  • Inventory Control
  • Purchases Order
  • Sales Order
  • Invoices
  • Shipping And Receiving
  • Product Stock

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